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Antología poética

Author Luis García Montero
Translator Dr. Amr Said Abdel Fattah
Publish Year
ISBN 9789948019626
Price AED 105
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"This book presents a historical sequence of carefully-selected poems, extracted from the various books written by the poet. The book also sheds light on the romantic side of Luis Garcia Montero. It highlights the components of his poetic vision, the topics he discusses in his poems, as well as the city that seems to constitute a favourite background for Montero's poetic universe.  The diversity of topics which mainly revolve around love, lust, and human emotions generally enabled him to capture the modern city. He captured the Spanish city, post civil war and after the death of the dictator Franco.  Thanks to its prevailing mystery and romance, as well as its representation of the diverse components of Spanish character, the City of Granada became the perfect background in Luis Garcia Montero's poems. Granada is not only Montero's home-town and the place where he spent his childhood and youth, it also had a major impact on his poetic universe. 

Another essential component of Garcia Montero's poetic style is reflected strongly in this selection of poems. The latter combines Spanish poetic traditions (through the use of rules and forms of composition, as well as various rhymes and rhythms, and the modern urban life in all its characteristics and features. "