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Combien de particules dans un petit pois?

Author Francois Vanucci
Translator Abdul Hadi Idrissi
Publish Year
ISBN 9789948170334
Price AED 60
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"When our eyes see something, this means that light was projected onto the item, and then reflected in the direction of the seeing eye. This indicates that light functions as a transporter of information between visual matter and the seeing eye. This is the simple rule that François Vannucci begins with. He then dives with us into the depths of atoms, cells, and their components. Cell structure may be divided into components as well. This is how we discover that seeing things is triggered by the projection of light on the visual item. This light causes the item's atoms to vibrate. 

 It is a fun journey that begins with a speck and ends at the very extreme limits of knowledge humanity has reached in the domain of exploring micro-worlds. 

It is a useful, brief book, where the non-specialised reader may find answers to many of his or her questions related to this domain. "