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Comment goûtons-nous?

Author Françoise Léon
Translator Dr. Fareed Al-Zahi
Publish Year
ISBN 9789948173328
Price AED 60
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How do we taste foods with all their flavours: sweet, bitter, salty and sour? What is the benefit of our sense of taste in a human being's nutritional balance? How does taste function in our bodies? What is the relationship between our sense of taste and the four other senses?

How do we practice taste, since the beginning of our existence as fetuses in our mothers' wombs? What role do genetics play in our taste traits?

   These are some of the questions presented by the author, which she later answers in a simplified, illustrative manner.  We shall discover one of our senses with her, along with our nutritional practices and behavioural tasting habits.  The author leads us on a fun, scientific and psychological journey. This journey begins as soon as we see the light; actually, even prior to that day. This book will increase our awareness of how to deal with foods, how our bodies and nervous systems receive them, and how we sense pleasure or disgust.  In doing so, her purpose is to teach us that the best way towards nutritional balance lies in taste and conjuring nutritional pleasure. Therefore, we can begin listening to our body and its needs.