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Comment notre coeur bat-il?

Author Gérard Helft
Translator Dr. Rashid Barhoun
Publish Year
ISBN 9789948173045
Price AED 60
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For such a long time, people believed that the heart - this mysterious organ - was the hub of many gifts and skills. It was widely believed that the heart was the source of our thoughts and feelings. Since flaring emotions caused racing heartbeats, people saw in the heart a source of all feelings. Nowadays, everybody knows that the brain controls our thoughts and feelings, as it sends signals to different parts of the body - especially to the heart. The twentieth century saw a breakthrough in our understanding of the mechanisms of how the heart and blood circulation function. Comprehending the physiology of the heart and its connection to cardiac diseases, as well as illnesses of the arteries, enabled physicians to treat major ailments that may impact the heart.

But did we ever pause to wonder why our hearts beat? How they beat? These are two of the many questions that this book attempts to answer.