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constructing singapore

Author Izlatko Escrubs and Michael de Bar
Translator Dr. Hazem Nahar
Publish Year
ISBN 9789948017806
Price AED 60
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Singapore enjoys but a few natural resources, but the development and economic and social transformation the country has undergone over a relatively short period of time is exceptional and quite noteworthy.

 Singapore today is the greatest success story of tangible growth in Southeast Asia. It often finds itself to be an object of envy for developing countries. But even moreso, over the last three and a half decades, the ruling political party has overseen the formation of a society booming with Singaporeans who love their country and are proud of it.

In a critical study of the ethnic and elitist policies of Singapore, the book "Constructing Singapore" considers the presumed "technocratic" system from preschools to universities and beyond which contributes to the creation of the country's administrative and political elite. By focusing on the selection and formation of the elite, this current study presents the critical importance of the role that ethnic and racial identity play in these activities. Yet it also takes into consideration factors related to personal relationships, individual influence, and social class.