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Author Jean Echenoz
Translator Abu Bakr Al Ayadi
Publish Year
ISBN 9789948139638
Price AED 50
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"Some runners seem as if they were flying, others appear to be dancing, others are show-offs, and still others advance as though they are sitting on their legs. Certain runners appear to be running as fast as they can in the direction of the place they were invited to. Emile, however, did not demonstrate any of the above.

Emile seemed to be digging, or being dug. He was like a raging, trembling individual or a soil digger. Far-removed from any academic rules and any concern for agility. He was advancing in a heavy, incoherent, distorted, and interrupted manner. He did not hide the extent of the efforts he exerted. It was written all over his cramping, stale, frowning face which caused discomfort for everyone who saw it. When he ran, he seemed absent. Terribly in another place. He focused so intensely, as if he were not here. The truth is that he was more present than anyone else around him..."