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Des Eclairs

Author Jean Echenoz
Translator Abu Bakr Al Ayadi
Publish Year
ISBN 9789948139638
Price AED 0
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His elongated shadow resembled the shape of a maritime bird with the tale of a black magpie, a white neck tie and shimmering shoes (...) which are cast at first in the shadow of the theatre, before the emerging lights expose - bit by bit - a large number of high frequency devices. The dim light - contained in a niche in the wall - includes signs lit by the usual pipes, as well as the screws and other attached lamps that cast lights in and out, just like breaths. Here and there, a light flashes from the sharpened rims. Circular or oval-shaped little tools made of copper, spinning extremely fast on their own. They were placed on velvet-covered tables, regularly changing the direction of their rotations. Gregor extended the silence, which had already prevailed over the room. Then, he began to present an accelerated series of electric wonders.