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Du Momde et de L’étranger et autres essais, Ed.(La géographie du monde musulman)

Author André Mikkel
Translator Mohammed Ait Hanna
Publish Year
ISBN 9789948024774
Price AED 90
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André Mikkel spent decades studying the writings of Arab geographers of the tenth century and beyond. He has written thousands of pages alongside his well-known and copious works on Arabic poetry and tales, most notably “A Thousand and One Nights,” and other fields in translation and research. This book presents a precise and condensed summary of his understanding of Arab geography, in which he views human geography in a holistic and literary manner. It is a geography in which we encounter, in his company, a huge number of faces. An assortment of geographers, cartographers, cosmologists, travellers, envoys, delegations, pilgrims, traders, sailors and others move and speak to us through the text. We also encounter a multitude of sources: the documents he uses and analyses are not just restricted to books. They include pilgrims’ guidebooks, maritime charts, emissaries’ reports, traders’ remarks and sailors’ tales which he uses as testimonies, not only of actual history, but of the mindsets of a given epoch, and therefore of the history of intellectual development and the transformation of collective imagination.