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Du plus loin que l’oubli

Author Patrick Modiano
Translator Daniel Saleh
Publish Year
ISBN 9789948136606
Price AED 40
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I was going to shovel the scraps, just like a card game, and lay them out on the table. So, this is my current life. Has my entire life been reduced to about twenty different names and addresses that only have myself in common? Why specifically these names and addresses and not others? What was the common trait between these names and places and me? I was in a dream, realizing that we can wake up at any moment while dangers hover upon us. I can, if I decide to, get up off this table. Everything will then dissolve and go to waste. The only thing that will remain is a bag of tin and a few scraps of paper, where a hand scribbled the names of people and places that would no longer mean anything to anyone.