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Géometrie et topologie avec Thurston

Author Aurelien Alvarez
Translator Dr. Rashid Barhoun
Publish Year
ISBN 9789948135944
Price AED 95
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This book aims to introduce mathematical scientist William Thurston. The world of mathematics is forever indebted to his great mathematician, especially regarding the fields of engineering and topology. This scientist earned and received the Fields Medal for his contributions. Thurston allowed those two domains of knowledge to literally spill the entirety of their secrets to him, as one researcher phrased it.     As you continue to read through the chapters of this book, you realize that mathematics - in this scientist's eyes - were not just an abstract, arrogant science; a kind of science practised by individuals of a higher order, holding the keys to unsolvable equations and difficult calculations, detached from reality. The most important issue, according to Thurston, is the progression of humanity.

This book was authored by researchers who tirelessly worked to avoid reducing Thurston to a mere mute mathematical device. Thus this work is an exploratory journey of William Thurston's character, familiarizing readers with his accomplishments and contributions. The book is divided into ten parts which shed light on diverse aspects of his work, namely, some of his favourite mathematical topics. Throughout these journeys, we discover that Thurston did not only discover abstract worlds - he expertly shed light on certain aspects of classic mathematics from an innovative perspective.