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immaginare babele. Due secoli di studi sulla citta orientale antica

Author Mario Livrani
Translator Dr.Ezzeddine Enaya
Publish Year
ISBN 9789948175391
Price AED 110
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 The title and the biblical prophecy mentioned in the beginning of the book both hint at the legend surrounding the Tower of Babel. The prophecy in and of itself serves as both an inspiration and an example. Whether the events that took place were simply a legend or an actual historical context, a moral and educational tale or an inevitable fate, it is certain that ancient cities all ended up in ruins. They were reduced to "tel" as Babylonians would call it. The term is a synonym of the singular word "tal," which signifies a number of hills that were formed by layers of the ruins of ancient places. Assyrian King Esarhaddon expressed his pride while describing the return of his victorious, conquering army, saying "A city before them and ruins (tel) behind them." The sentiment completely contradicts the pride of archaeologists working in the Arab Levant in modern times, as they say: "Ruins before us and a city behind us." Whether ruins or inscriptions of the cities of the Ancient East, the recent discovery is not just a marginal chapter in our modern cultural history. On the contrary, it is a momentous addition to the varied cultural spectrum stretching back over the past two centuries.