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Jorge Luis Borges, Ficciones, Emece Editores S. A. Buenos Aires, 1956

Author Jorge Luis Borges
Translator Saeed Al-Ghanmi
Publish Year
ISBN 9789948171157
Price AED 95
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"Borges used the excuse of laziness to justify his disinclination to writing the novel. Yet his nine fictional collections are abundant in diverse writing abilities. When the world itself turns into a library, when one book reproduces to become a countless number of books, each one evoking previous and future masterpieces, life becomes a non-interrupted narration. The world, then, splits into infinite timelines that intersect, mingle, and branch out. From Borges' perspective, life is nothing but ""tales,"" in a narrational imaginary sense. This perspective redeems itself from the narrow limitations of time. It longs to transform into an imagination in order to capture the forever runaway eternity.


The lover of labyrinths realized since the start that the material of this world made of books lays in dreams. In 1931, he stated: ""Schopenhauer once wrote that dream and wakefulness constitute the pages of one book. Thus, reading them and nonchalantly turning the pages signifies the act of dreaming. The images within the images and the books that branch out to other books help us sense this oneness.""


The book entitled ""Stories"" includes two collections of Borges' novels: the garden labyrinth, where the reader becomes lost in the intersecting buildings of time, as well as the ""embezzlements"" collection where the author tricks the reader by promising another type of narrational intervals."