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L'Explosion démographique

Author Albert Jacquard
Translator Dr. Fareed Al-Zahi
Publish Year
ISBN 9789948175674
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"There is always a succession of generations. The game of life, death, birth and exhaustion are the elements that give a certain area its existence.  In order to comprehend this process, the demographist explains his methods. He also provides us with standards, numbers, percentages, and many figures.  But, beyond numbers, he teaches us to discover the secrets of a human reality that is in constant transformation and development. 

In this little book, the author clearly explains the major tools of demography. These consist of possibilities and statistics that unveil their secrets to us, bit by bit. He then analyses all possible scenarios for the future. He provokes each one of us to reflect - in his or her own way - on the issues and survival of humanity, as well as the continuation of its human and demographic balance.

It is a book that teaches us how to analyse demographic growth and mix quantity and quality. Finally, it instructs us on how to balance historical and socio-statistical analysis. The purpose of the latter is to be able to comprehend essential matters, constituting the future of humanity, as well as risks and challenges related to it."