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La dernière mission d'Edouard K.

Author Christoph Chardonnay
Translator Farid Al - Zahi
Publish Year
ISBN 9789948135258
Price AED 45
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Edward K. is an astronomer who will face a difficult problem in the international space station and won't talk about it to anyone. After returning to Earth, he won't appear on television, nor will he sign autographs or give press interviews. He will disappear from the public eye and live in solitude with his wife on a small island in the north of Britain. No one will ever find out why.

As for Luca's grandfather, since his youth he has been fascinated by collecting anything that has to do with space.

And in a fascinating tale, his grandson will get hold of the only signature ever given by Edward K. And he discovers, in the meantime, an attempt by the Chinese mafia to exploit this signature.