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La mémoire

Author Laurent Butte
Translator Dr. Azzeddin Al-Khattabi
Publish Year
ISBN 9789948018483
Price AED 26
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This work by French researcher Laurent Butte seeks to shed light on the functions of human memory, drawing on what we know about the topic based on biology, psychiatry, and even brain scans.

Reading widely from the works of researchers in this field, and especially from the works of Anglo-Saxons, allowed the author to observe the most important efforts made to define the thought process of memory within the functions of the brain. Poute focuses in particular on research findings which used magnetic imaging technologies, which have enabled biologists and psychologists studying this topic to understand the roles of the brain and enrich the understanding of biologists, psychologists, and those interested in the topic.

Following a historical narrative on the development of the idea of memory beginning with the ancient world and ending with modern developments in psychiatry, the author presents us with the various types of memory and how they are linked to different regions of the brain.