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Le Chaos

Author Ivar Ekeland
Translator Dr. Azzedine Al-Khattabi
Publish Year
ISBN 9789948175537
Price AED 60
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"The Nebular Hypothesis enables us to describe unstable systems, such as the movement of planets, climate change, and economic cycles.  The main issue Ivar Ekeland discusses in this book revolves around an idea: is it possible to calculate the orbits of a nebular system? The answer to this question enables us to open up current issues that scientists face. These matters mainly revolve around the relationship between mathematics and computers, as well as the role played by the latter in developing true science in order to provide a better understanding of various phenomena. 

If we truly wish to highlight the principles and the foundation the author employed to discuss this topic, we would say that the Nebular Hypothesis caused scientists to reconsider the concept of certainty. This concept is closely attached to the theories of Newton and Laplace, who believed the world can be calculated and is subject to absolute inevitability. 

Instead, this theory will rely on the accomplishments of scientists such as Poincaré and Lorenz. It will also invest in scientific and technical capacities, provided by computers, to underline the nebular features of phenomena (physical, economic and climatic, etc.) "