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Le développement durable

Author Sylvie Brunel
Translator Dr. Rashid Barhoun
Publish Year
ISBN 9789948018506
Price AED 28
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In the traditional conception of sustainable development, we only are capable of submitting to its magical power. As such, images of an ideal world appear to meet the needs of current generations without neglecting future ones. It seems that Sylvie Brunel's book "Sustainable Development" does not drift toward glorifying speech, but instead digs deeply into meaning, pausing at its tangible terminology, to the point that these have became widespread concepts capable of impacting each other.

The book opens with an optimistic view of tomorrow, beginning with faith in humans' abilityto control their destiny and moving toward that which is better. All of humanity is sailing on the same boat, and there is no other backup planet. As such, stewardship is necessary, but based on new foundations and a new social charter. This charter must not call for a fight against the poor, but instead for extinguishing the causes of poverty in the context of moderation and balance.