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Le temps existe-t-il?

Author Etienne Klein
Translator Dr.. Farid Al - Zahi
Publish Year
ISBN 9789948170280
Price AED 60
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"What is time? Does it really exist? The answer to these ancient questions is still out of reach. Why has there been a delay in answering this question? Because as soon as we run to grasp the nature of time, we watch it fade away in the horizon. If we seek to find the answer in specific, determined words, it gets entangled with other terminologies in the dictionary. The answer, in this case, masks itself in the form of many synonyms, such as duration, consecutiveness, movement, and change...

This book raises essential philosophical questions to teach us how to think about formulating a response. It starts with the mathematical measurement of time and using spatial time geography. It concludes with the relationship between contemporary philosophy and time, in addition to the concept of eternal return. Thus, it is a book that transforms the most complicated philosophical and scientific issues into matters for thought. This places them in the reach of the average reader."