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Les Filles du feu, Folio Classiques

Author Gerard de Nerval
Translator Marie Tawk
Publish Year
ISBN 9789948234111


I was outside one of the theatre halls where I sat every evening in the cabin close to the tree, dressed in the clothes of a lover. Sometimes the hall was full of people, and others it was  completely empty. I rarely wanted to watch the hall filled with a small group of amateurs queuing up in two cubicles. lined with their hairstyles and in their dresses, or joining a vibrant, lively lounge with all the flair, sparkling jewels and bright faces. I did not care about the scene in the hall, nor did the play cause me to pause at all, except in the second or third scene of the ludicrous art that was displayed at the time when a sweet woman appeared to illuminate the empty space and, in one word, bring life back to those faint faces ...
It was beautiful when the lights of the theatre illuminate from the bottom, it is like the night when these lights are lowered, leaving the chandelier to illuminate on top. It was more natural and  radiant with the shadow of her beauty alone, like the buds of spring whose star rises above the walls of the Herculaneum.