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Livret de famille

Author Patrick Modiano
Translator Daniel Saleh
Publish Year
ISBN 9789948136644
Price AED 45
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"This novel consists of fifteen brief chapters. It can be read in the same fashion, as if it were a series of connected short stories. There are fifteen moments, or fifteen essential aspects, which form the brief biography authored by Patrick Modiano. He bets on intensity and suggestion, just as he did in his other novel ""Strain."" The latter was translated previously as part of this series. The book continued its novelistic imagination, relying on those aspects, events, and paradoxes. It camouflaged some here,and added or removed others there in search of greaterenlightenment.  The virtue of this style of writing with regard to the historical approach (its significance) is essentially due to the fact that it presents the event, followed by the impact it had on the characters. Thus, this style of writing takes into account the history of the event, on the one hand, and the core of inner feelings on another.

What is obvious here is the history of an era that shaped or forged the crucible of the author's creative writing experience. It is noteworthy that the author, speaking of WWII during a conversation, once said: ""It is the soil or the pile of manure that I emerged from."""