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Lo inalcanzable

Author Luis Gruss
Translator Dr. Zineb Benaya
Publish Year
ISBN 9789948174158
Price AED 80
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 The book entitled "Lo Inalcanzable" ("The Unattainable") revolves around a very important aspect of the life and work of Franz Kafka, Fernando Pessoa and Cesare Pavese. None of these writers managed to establish stable connections with others, the period in which they lived, or even with life in general. But the relationships that those writers had with women were highly problematic, both on the emotional and the physical levels. It was exceptionally difficult for them to reach those women. For this particular reason, Luis Gruss states: " I mainly focused on women because I see in them a potential image of the unattainable and a perfect example of metaphor, symbolising all things sought with a passion that cannot be quenched."