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Maximes et Réflexions diverses, Folio Classiques

Author François de La Rochefoucauld
Translator Mohamed Ali Yousfi
Publish Year
ISBN 9789948232889
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Self-love is one's own love and loving everything for the sake of the self. It makes people fond of themselves, but may also render them oppressors of others if chance enables them to do so. It does not settle outside of itself and does not pause at others, except like bees to flowers - they do so to imbibe what they want from that person. There is nothing more loathsome than his desires, nothing more hidden than his intentions, nothing surpassed by his behaviour. His highly flexible penetrations cannot be apparent. Their transformations go beyond those of mulch, and his pleasant deeds go beyond those of chemistry. You can not probe into his depths, nor penetrate the darkness of its shafts. There, he is safe from the most penetrating eyes, and the intangible comings and goings are many. It is most often unseen by the self, so without knowing he holds, nurtures and grows many feelings of both affection and hatred; some of them are monsters that cannot be recognised, or whose recognition he denies. From this darkness, which is covered by the absurd convictions that he formed around himself; it is from here that his mistakes derive; ignorance, rudeness and foolishness about himself...from here rises the belief that his feelings have died and are only stupid ...