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Newton ou le triomphe de l'alchimie

Author Jean-Paul Overy
Translator Dr. Azzedine Al-Khattabi
Publish Year
ISBN 9789948175568
Price AED 65
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"The value of this book lies in its unique structural manner which allows it to address diverse aspects of knowledge, melting all of them into one crucible. This structure provided an integrated, overall picture of one of the most prominent scientists in the history of humanity. It is relevant to alchemist, physical, mathematical, astronomical and religious knowledge as well. The author of the book seeks to identifying the thread that organizes and connects them in order to understand the path of this English world. It is noteworthy that Jean-Paul Auffray proposed a complete reading of Newton's accomplishments. Newton never gave up his interest in alchemy even while dealing with delicate scientific issues such as calculus (mathematics), gravity (astronomy), and issues of movement, the spread of light, and the relationship between bodies (physics). Newton also had certain philosophical religious leanings, whether within the framework of the Royal Society or in his capacity as a Lucasian Professor.

Therefore, this book is original thanks to the author's ability to process the various aspects mentioned-above. He first invests in Newton's texts as well as the most significant works which surround the corridors of this brilliant world. The author also resorts to a unique combination of data related to alchemy, optics, engineering, and physical astronomy. This is what enabled the author to present a complete, integral, and interesting picture of a semi-legendary world. The latter's existence in our minds is still associated with an apple falling on one's head."