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On Garbage

Author John Scanlan
Translator Dr. Mohammed Ziad Kebbe
Publish Year
ISBN 9789948234036


This book is full of deep and new ideas, although its simple title may not give this impression. It is a book in which the flesh of philosophy and the futility of modern art is woven into a cohesive plot that tells the story of existence and non-existence, of man and creation, and that everything in existence is doomed to become waste. In this way, existence is subject to interest; everything exists as long as it is useful, and then becomes waste when its fruits are harvested and its lights switch off. However, the material which appears to have become extinct, returns to existence time after time in new forms, the product of a process of recycling.
In this context, the author quotes the philosophy of Wittgenstein, Locke, and many others, and narrates how these philosophies produced postmodern schools of art based on "inventing" works of art that are in fact formations of waste. These ideas deal with life and existence and claim that waste - which is, in reality, a nihilism that escapes form - is an indistinguishable object established by strict exclusion; the dirty fingerprint of a creature that maintains its existence despite everything.
This is a book worthy of the attention of the Arab intellectual. It has been influenced by profound philosophical studies and addresses engaging intellectual topics that dive beyond the surface into the depth of human life.