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Peut-on voyager dans le temps?

Author Jibril Chardin
Translator Dr.. Izz al-Din al-Khatbi
Publish Year
ISBN 9789948170389
Price AED 60
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This book truly allows us to take a trip across the universe of science fiction. It raises questions related to diverse scientific domains, such as physics, astronomy and biology.  The author discussed the topic from the perspective of quantitative physics and through Einstein's theory of relativity. He also talked about issues related to cloning and the extent of the possibility that humans will undergo such procedure in other worlds.  The entertaining portion of this masterpiece manifests itself in its manner of simplifying specific scientific concepts on the one hand, while resorting to examples extracted from sci-fi and literature on the other. Such examples include the Star Trek series, as well as the magnificent novel entitled Alice in Wonderland. This approach gave it a particular flavour, where scientific accuracy mixes with the pleasure of fantasy.