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Pourquoi le soleil brille-t-il?

Author Alan Buckey
Translator Dr. Rashid Barhoun
Publish Year
ISBN 9789948170396
Price AED 60
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We never paused and asked ourselves: why does the sun shine? It shines exactly as the sea is blue and the plants are green... But once we start wondering about the reason behind the shiny nature of the sun, the mind starts to wonder about other questions too. These questions include: when did the sun shine for the very first time? Can its light ever cease to glow? Why doesn't the sun burn out on its own, as a result of its energy? In the midst of all these questions, the reader might be stunned when the author surprises him with a title, disguised in the form of a question. This disguised title might be similar to: what makes the sun this cold? But, before this and that, what is the nature of the sun? How long has it been shining and glowing? Isn't it possible that its fuel might run out, causing it to stop shining? Finally, since when has the sun been burning? This book seeks answers to these questions and more.