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Qu’est-ce qu’un nombre?

Author Benoit Reto
Translator Abdul Hadi Idrissi
Publish Year
ISBN 9789948170419
Price AED 60
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 "Each individual is unique. We believe that we know figures, numbers, percentages, spaces and other information. However, with a little bit of reflection, we soon begin to feel doubts sneaking into our souls.  For instance, when we say that an item is fifteen centimetres long: a centimetre is commonly known, its length measured by the hand and the eye. But, what is fifteen? Yes, it is a ""thing"" that we place before a certain quantity, leading us to fifteen times that quantity.  But, what is the nature of this thing? Is it quantity, such as the unit of the quantity we place before the item, measuring up to fifteen of these units? Or does it have an existence of its own, different from quantity in its nature?

It is a very interesting book that will benefit and entertain its reader."