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Author Jean Echenoz
Translator Waleed Al Swairki
Publish Year
ISBN 9789948136620
Price AED 30
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"He was fully aware of what he had accomplished: shapeless in the exact sense of the word. No evolution in melody, no toning, only rhythm and orchestration.  In short, it is self-destructing: a musical note lacking music, an orchestral piece with no material, a suicide. The only weapon that was used is the elongation of sound, a repeated phrase, something hopeless, from which we cannot expect much... After he was done working one day - and while passing near the Vésinet factory with his brother - he said to him: ""do you see, this is the Boléro factory.""

But things did not go as expected. When I performed the track in a dance for the first time, it was a little confusing but it worked. The smashing success came later during music concerts. It was an exceptional success. What was once hopeless achieved a victory that left everyone stunned - even his composer himself."