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Rocks of Ages: Science and Religion in the Fullness of Life

Author Stephen G. Cold
Translator Dr.. Mohammed Asfour
Publish Year
ISBN 9789948016052
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"This book considers a sensitive subject which the title hints at: the relationship between science and religion. It is known that this relationship was marred in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance in Europe by various tensions, most prominently represented in Galileo being forced to repudiate his scientific opinions under pressure from the church. Similar conflicts took place in 20th century America between those who believed in a literal reading of the Bible versus those who believed in Darwin's theory of evolution.

The solution suggested by the author does not involve either side giving in to the other regarding what it views as correct, but that there be a complete division between the two fields so that science does not investigate religious matters and religion does not investigate scientific matters. Just as the world does not have the right to make pronouncements regarding religion, so theology does not have the right to make pronouncements regarding matters that are addressed by the natural sciences.

The author does not feign to believe that his proposed solution is new. But the new aspects he brings to the table include the examples he has chosen to demonstrate why it is necessary to divide the two. Among the most engaging parts of the book are the testimonies of a number of scientists who are also men of the church, as well as the author's affirmation that the Catholic church has accepted the theory of evolution as truth, without neglecting its religious duties. This is not required of us, because science and religion are two fixed stones; life is not complete without both, provided that neither imposes on the other."