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Soufisme: Voie intérieure de l'Islam

Author Eric Gouffreau
Translator Abdul Haq Zemouri
Publish Year
ISBN 9789948014089
Price AED 60
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"This book is considered an anthology of Islamic Sufism. It represents a significant breach with Western studies that focus on one of Islam's theologies: Sufism. The author of the this book studied Sufism across history since it first appeared. He follows the various stages of its development and spread, both during times of expansion and decline, all the way to the present. The author showcases the paths of Sufism from Andalusia to Central Asia, passing through the countries of the Maghreb, Arab Occident nations and the Turkish-Persian world, concluding with South-East Asia.

The author studied the doctrines established by Sufism and upon which the school of thought is based. He followed the thread between the emergence and dissolution of a particular group, in addition to the strengths and weaknesses of such doctrines in the cultural and religious movement of Islam. He also explored the diversity of topics, approaches, teachings, and branches, writing, and authorship within Sufism as well as Sufi figures throughout history, and in more recent years. "