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The Dervish Lodge: Architecture, Art, and Sufism in Ottoman Turkey

Author Raymond Leaves
Translator Abla returns
Publish Year
ISBN 9789948019411
Price AED 60
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The book shines a light on a specific period of Islamic history in Turkey which represented the golden age of Sufi sects. These groups spread with expanding membership and growing numbers of followers. The book contains a series of articles from researchers, academics and experts in Islamic history, traditions, and Sufism in addition to specialists in history, poetry, biography, economics and Arab calligraphy. They are all gathered together around the topic of Tekyeh in order to study the subject from different perspectives. The book is important because it introduces the reader to the details of the daily lives of Ottomans in their houses, fields, and places of worship.

The articles consider the Tekyeh to have been active in Istanbul during the last century of Ottoman rule (1836 - 1925), disputing existing research on Ottoman architectural art which focused on studying the grand mosques which were built between the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries, despite the fact that these mosques represent only a small portion of Ottoman architectural heritage. Tekyeh architecture sought to bring together sultanese grandeur and popular beauty, a characteristic for which it is distinctive. As such, Tekyeh represents an important element of Ottoman architectural style.