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The Myth of the Market: Promises and Illusions

Author Jeremy Seabrook
Translator Amin Al Ayoubi
Publish Year
ISBN 9789948170242
Price AED 45
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The goal of human activity on earth remains pushing the planet to the brink of destruction, and no more effective mechanism than the market economy could have been derived to do so. It appears that most people in the West set their hope and desires on the mechanism of the market, as though bearing future hopes.

This promise, by providing an unstoppable flow of consumable goods, hides a bitter truth: the spread of the market leads to social disintegration in the West and the destruction of local cultures in the Third World, which are the only living examples of how people can live in harmony with their environment.

Jeremy Seabrook argues that if the goal is to transform positions discussing sustainable society into actual policies, the Green Party in the West must stand up and resist the dictatorship of the growing market with a passion and energy matching that of the market system itself.