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Un cirque passe

Author Patrick Modiano
Translator Daniel Saleh
Publish Year
ISBN 9789948136651
Price AED 40
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"At Chatelet Square, she wanted to get on the metro. It was rush hour. We stood there, cramped-up near the gates.  At each stop, the passengers getting off would push us to the side-walk. Then we would return and get on the bus, once again, with the new passengers.  She was resting her head on my shoulder. Smiling, she said to me:

Nobody can find us in this crowd.

At La Gare de Nord Station, we drifted with the flow of passengers, making their way to the trains heading out to the suburbs. We crossed the lobby of the station. In the automatic deposit warehouse, I opened a safe and I pulled out a black, leather briefcase.

I was carrying the briefcase, which was heavy. I told myself it did not just contain articles of clothing. "