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Venezia porta d'Oriente

Author Maria Pia PEDANI
Translator Dr. Hussein Mahmoud
Publish Year
ISBN 9789948234197


This book is a detailed portrait of East - West relations during a limited period in time and includes historical testimonies, documents, and the arts presented in an accessible way. The book provides solid foundations for understanding flourishing relations between the two sides of the world through a detailed documentary presentation on the links between the floating city - Venice - and the Ottoman Empire. It delves into the developments that led to the rise of the Venetian Republic and the factors under which the Ottoman Empire flourished. Through a chronological account of the development of relations between Venice and the Muslim states, the author opines that the Ottoman Empire was the most distinguished representative during the period in question. The author addresses this relationship during the mediaeval period, which witnessed the spread of Islam and the flourishing of Venice. The book sets out the many Eastern influences on Venetian artistic riches covering all aspects of the relationship between East and West, even including the more curious ones relating to the commercial and political domain and also on a human level. It also deals with the role of women and tales of secret agents, and much else beyond. The book offers a new and unique reading of human history.