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Water: Nature and culture

Author Veronica Strang
Translator Haifaa Abualnadi
Publish Year
ISBN 9789948232834


This book is a unique and fascinating record of the history of water. It provides a comprehensive cultural view of human relationships and explores the most important water issues: cultural, material, religious, historical, environmental, and political. No substance is more important or vital than water. The book presents, in some detail, how water flows through the life of all human beings, hydrates our bodies, maintains the ecosystems in which we live, and allows us to achieve developmental projects in agriculture and technology. The author of the book does not neglect to highlight to the life-giving and destructive powers of water throughout history as well as our relationship with water, its physical properties, and its numerous impacts on our physical activities, emotions, and imagination. The book also addresses water as a source of renewable energy and a tool that carried man across the river and the sea, emphasising the crucial role it played - and continues to play - in ensuring human health and safety, from the therapeutic wells of prehistoric societies to our current needs for water and sanitation.