Kalima is part of the National Library Programme Management Department at the Department Of Culture And Tourism - Abu Dhabi.

Management staff:

  •  Acting Director of the National Library Department
  • Director of the National Library Programme Management Department
  • Director of the Kalima project


Judgment Committee:

  • The committee consists of ten members of translation specialists and experts, taking into account multidisciplinary and multilingual aspects. The Judgment Committee has the following functions:
  • Submitting important suggestions for the translation of valuable titles and recent publications.
  • Reviewing the lists of titles proposed for translation by international publishing houses and translators, to choose the appropriate ones and exclude books that do not offer anything new in their field, do not benefit Arab readers and do not add cultural features to the Kalima project.
  • Nominating competent and experienced translators to be commissioned through the project.
    Reviewing the translation samples to judge the translators’ efficiency and ability to translate books, as well as providing notes and guidance that would benefit translators during the translation process.