Our Objectives

  • Translating the most important books in the world and in all fields of knowledge, with the target of 100 titles a year.
  • Establishing a database for Arab translators and providing them with institutional support, with the aim of developing, maintaining and increasing human capital and investing in the stand-alone translation profession.
  • Supporting and developing the book translation industry in the Arab world and promoting it internationally as well as acting as the catalyst for unifying the scattered efforts made in this industry.
    Respecting intellectual property rights through the conclusion of publishing agreements with foreign publishers, in accordance with international publishing standards.
  • Encouraging the reading of Arabic materials and promoting scientific research in the Arab world by providing translations of the latest international publications in various fields, in support of the idea of establishing a world-class community library network in Abu Dhabi that would contribute to making it the most attractive destination to visitors.
  • Supporting the sustainable growth of Abu Dhabi's active cultural movement to contribute to its role in the regional and international cultural landscape. Develop and strengthen effective relationships with international partners to achieve better cultural acquaintance by establishing bridges of communication between Arabic culture and other cultures.