Agenda and Speakers

Day 1 | 26th November, Tuesday

08:30 AM
10:00 AM
10:25 AM
11:30 AM
Session 1: What Should and Should Not be Translated From and To Arabic

David Wagner
German Author and Writer
Dr. Saad Albazei
The General Director of the Arab World Institute in Paris
Dr. Frederic Lagrange
Professor of Arabic Literature at the Sorbonne University
Dr. Suhair Alzubaidi
Media Correspondent for Abu Dhabi TV
Session Themes:

This talk will discuss whether translations in Arabic are objective or governed by other criteria as well as the influence and purposes of Arabic translation in the global landscape. The talk will also tackle how to promote books translated from Arabic.

11:50 AM
12:55 PM
Session 2: The Reality of Translating Arabic into Other Languages

Dr. Mohammed Hasan Alwan
CEO of the Literature, Publishing and Translation Sector at the Saudi Ministry of Culture
Dr. Anwar Moghith
Director of the National Centre for Translation in Egypt
Margaret Obank
Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Banipal magazine in the UK
Adel Khozam
Emirati Writer and Journalist
Session Themes:

This talk will explore the main challenges facing Arabic literature when translated into other languages and how translation contributes to promoting connections and building bridges of communication between different people. The role of literary publications in the promotion of Arabic culture and experiences will also be discussed.

1:00 PM
02:30 PM
02:35 PM
03:40 PM
Session 3: Role of Orientalists in the Arabic Translation Movement

Dr. Munir Mujić
Academic, Translator and Researcher from Bosnia
Hartmut Fähndrich
Translator and Researcher from Switzerland
Dr. Kaoru Yamamoto
Academic, Translator and Researcher from Japan
Dr. Khalil Al Sheikh
Researcher, Critic and Translator from Jordan
Session Themes:

This talk will cover the historical role of Orientalists in translating Arabic manuscripts into other languages and explore whether their influence is declining. The talk will also cover translating Arabic literature.

04:00 PM
05:05 PM
Session 4: Significant Experiences in Translating Arabic Literature into Other Languages

Dr. Salvador Peña Martín
Professor of Arabic Literature at the University of Málaga, Spain
Dr. Richard Van Leeuwen
Dutch Translator
Bassam Xue Qingguo
Director of the Sheikh Zayed Centre for Arabic Language and Islamic Studies in Beijing
Dr. Frederic Maatouck
Lebanese Author and Researcher
Session Themes:

This talk will have speakers share their experiences translating One Thousand and One Nights into Spanish and Dutch as well as translating Adonis and Darwish’s poetry into Chinese.

05:15 PM

Day 2 | 27th November, Wednesday

10:00 AM
10:05 AM
11:10 AM
Session 5: Experiences of International Publishing Houses in Arabic Literature

Felix Dahm
Director of Foreign Rights at SuhrKamp, Germany
Juliet Mabey
founder of One World Publications
Periklis Douvitsas
Director of Nefeli Publications
Moira Forsyth
Director of SandStone Press
Dr. Khaled Al Ghannami
Saudi Media and Translator
Session Themes:

This talk will discuss the experiences of Oneworld Publications, Nefeli Publications, Sandstone Press and Suhrkamp Publishing in publishing Arabic Literature in different languages.

11:10 AM
12:10 PM
Session 6: The Challenges and Ways of Developing Arabic Translation

Yves Champollion
Researcher and Translator from the United States
Dr. José Miguel
Professor of Art History Department, University of Granada, Spain
Stanislaw Strasburger
Polish Writer and Author
Dr. Sultan Faisal Alremeithi
Academic and Emirati Translator
Session Themes:

This talk will discuss the role of Arabic Departments in Foreign Universities in Arabic book research, the role of teaching Arabic to non- Arabs in driving translation into Arabic forward, and how IBM translation software and Arabic as a Microsoft language on the Internet impact Arabic language translation.

12:35 PM
02:05 PM
02:10 PM
03:15 PM
Session 7: Arabic Heritage in Other Languages

Dr. Barbara Michalak-Pikulska
Academic and Professor of Modern Arabic Literature from Poland
Dr. Khalid M. Abalhassan
Saudi Translator and Interpreter
Mustafa Al Sulaiman
Certified Translator of the German Academy of Language and Poetry
Khadija Hassan
Broadcaster and Radio Presenter
Session Themes:

This talk will discuss Classical Greek translations of Arabic philosophy and sciences and their influence on the European Renaissance as well as the role of universities and research centres in translating Arabic heritage material. Translations and research on Arabic literature will also be discussed in this talk.

03:35 PM
04:40 PM
Session 8: Arabic experiences in translation into international languages.

Khaled Osman
Translator and Novelist from Egypt
Raphael Cohen
British Researcher and Translator
Dr. Rania Ezz El-Arab
Academic and Translator at Alexandria University in Egypt
Aurora Humarán
Translator and President of the International Association of Translators from Argentina
Session Themes:

This talk will present multiple experiences to illuminate the reality of translation from Arabic, addresses the dialogues of civilisations, and includes topics related to immigration and integration in Arabic translations.

04:50 PM